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All Reviews by Bdc2009
 from 5 Guy Cream Pie #22
Studio: Kick Ass


If you like just plain cream pies, this movie gives you that. But for those of us who watch cream pies that involve more than one guy per girl, this movie (like the entire series) falls short. You don't watch a 5 guy cream pie movie to watch a "clean" cream pie, you watch it because you like the whole sloppiness of a gang bang cream pie. That's where this series disappoints. If you understand what I'm talking about, skip this whole series, there are some movies out there that are better.

 from Kick Ass Chicks #56: 30 Dirty Cream Pies
Studio: Kick Ass


The girls are decent but the distributers need to take a lesson from Creampie Cathy. No one comes close to putting out some real cream pies like she does.

 from A Very Creamy Christmas #2
Studio: Anarchy

Questionable Cream Pies

Girls were OK but with the exception of two of the cream pies, they looked pretty "staged". Not recommended for fellow cream pie lovers.

 from Bailey Jay: Line Trap
Studio: Grooby Productions


I've never really been into solo movies of any type, but Bailey is a joy to watch and hear. Can't wait for her next one!!