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All Reviews by Bartsfarts
 from Welcum To Chloeville #4
Studio: Elegant Angel

Chloe Directs...Hoe Hum

"welcum to chloeville #4 i like chloe. she's the only pron star i'd care to date. her trade mark "rolling her eyes back as she comes..."gets me nearly every time...but not this time. good cam. work, great looking women,but a typical suck n fuck porn show. no anal. one gal gets a semi-fisting up the ol bum, and i just knew the guy would do her there...nope...all pussy stuff. not enough chloe. just two to admit her set with daisy chain was good. love the way daisy pierced her nipples. she's a real beauty,by the way. downer: no chapter coding. no extras. you can fast fowards, or you can move from one episode to the next, but no inner chapters. 3 stars because of the good cam. work and quality of actors... 2 stars because it should have given more viewer services.

 from Teen Hitchhikers #1
Studio: CinemaPlay

Cruising For Girls In A Limo

3 of the girls look like they really could be typical girls you might find while cruising the streets. There's a girl, ask if she needs a ride, or help. get her in the limo;very quickly turn the conversation to:you show us yours, I'll show you mine. all scenes end in an apartment. good sex,would like to see faces more. no anal the guys have not be totally honest,and their trickery is not totally mean-spirited ,We are spared the cackleof the director(like in a similar product). the girls left by the roadside.

 from For The Master's Taking #1
Studio: Bizarre Video

Breath The Green Elixer My Sweet

2 masters, 4 girls. lots of chloroform. girl 1 just ripe for such goings on...she acts like she really was gassed. master whips/fondles... no time, no where...just fondling and some really good whippings for all....strange, i saw no red marks. best potential scene is girl 2, roped to the table. delicoius...but again, no sex....the suction attachements were exciting. the other two girls were ok...overall, the masters just never really worked them over as much as varied as i was looking for. probably a good dvd to share with a partner who you'd like to tempt to do bondage/whipping. maybe she'd like to play the game, afterall, the girls in the dvd were not hurt. one technical thing:when you gas a person, don't have your face up close to theirs...or you and she might both be out. watch those minor details masters:) and....passed out girls...don't aid the master as he moves you from pose to pose. details, fellas, details to sell the idea that it"just might be real".

 from Kimberly: Princess Of Pain
Studio: Gentlemen's

Pain? What Pain?

kimberly was just asking for it, when she went to the bondage section of the video store. the two guys who carried her into their playroom helped her fulfill her fantasy....well, that's what the producers would like you to think. kim is cute, but she needed to resist more. the guys used those sissy, ribbon-type plastic whips, hardly heavy enough to cause the "pain" she portrayed. i don't want blood, but darn, if you whip/flog a girl, lets see her skin turn a bit red, and let's see her sweat a bit. i'm giving up on american bondage...too much bs, not enough of what we rent/buy bondage sex vids for.

 from Fuck My Ass!!
Studio: Private

Anal With A Smile..Just Pop It In...

Beautiful girls, well-shot, excellent production sexual excitement. When i watch anal,I want to see some tension...these girls take it in the A just as easy as they do the P. Double-teaming. I want all anal; but no, it's the usual warm-ups before finally doing the title theme.

 from Private Penthouse Greatest Moments #3
Studio: Private

Too Slick For My Tastes

10 truly beautiful women. high production values, good special effects,a soundtrack that does not interfere. well-lighted/photographed. what's not to like? too plastic. girls play to the cam., acting the parts and never convincing the viewer that she is having sex and enjoying it. dialog is over-dubbed. guys are good looking, with average dicks. this is an excellent dvd for those who would like to share their porn interest with girlfriend or wife....even the anal does not seem to be "dirty". it's a 5 star production, but rates only 3 stars because of the lack of emotion. it's just too slick for my tastes.

 from Stretched Out Snatch #5
Studio: Digital Sin

Younger Girls Waiting To Be Drilled By Shane's Giant Slammer

A video where the contents deliver what the title is about :) Shane gets right to the subject. No BS. No music. Just attractive, YOUNGER girls waiting to be drilled by Shane's giant slammer. Good lighting, good close-ups, good miking, you can hear the girls as they react to Shane's action. The girls find some positons and penetrations uncomfortable(painful, perhaps)...but Shane just keeps pushin. Love seeing the girls' faces as they are penetrated. Way to go, Shane! It could have been a 5 star disc, but it lacks an anal, and a cream pie; also, Shane's cock is never really rock hard. He's got to grab at the base and stiffen, before inserting. But once he's in...the action is great. Extras are good. short scenes of other girls...and scenes taken from within #5, so you can revisit those hot moments. You'll see the girls before their main scenes, and they seem to be impressed by Shane's Big cock. I'm sure to rent others in the SOS series.

 from College Wild Parties #1
Studio: Pink Visual

Hot Girls-College Was Never Like This

nearly all the girls could pass for college kids. male clubers, ranged from older college to "uncles". good cam. work. several of the girls almost fooled me that they were students. sex as a spectator sport, lots of cheering-on, too much for my tastes. yea, it was a party, but most likely sponsered by the produces of the video. only one "real" college girl flashed, the rest i consider professional "entertainers". fun, stuff, just don't believe that you can find that sort of action in you average college hangout