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All Reviews by Bac
 from PornoGothic
Studio: Wicked

Vampires Suck

you know what. i have buffy all seven seasons on dvd. i love vampuire films. i also like serennity. really hot. i didn't like this film. why? don't know. it just didn't interest me. i have to admit for a vampire porn it is better then some others i have seen but on the whole it wasn't inspiring and dull in spots. story a bit spotty and from my perspective pulling off horror porn is tough. if it was parody it seems to work better for horror you have to be turned on and a bit scared as well and that is always very trick to pull off. this falls flat with the sex being dull and the "horror" aspect not enough to carry it or crete any tension. if you want to see vampires i'd say check it out otherwise this is a skip it.

 from Camp Cuddly Pines: Powertool Massacre (Disc 1)
Studio: Wicked

Best I've Seen

I will echo some of the comments already here. this movie is great. The story is very funny. the sex super hot (especially liked the jessica drake/ eric masterson scene). There is only one drawback for me is no straight girl/girl scene which I would have liked. The rest was great. I even listened to the commentary which is hillarious. If you want to pick one wicked film to rent pick this first, especially if you are a horror fan. You won't go wrong with this.

 from Fun With Chick & Jane (Disc 1)
Studio: Wicked

Not A Bad Compilation, If You Like Serennity

first this is only on disk one, haven't seen the other disks. This is a collection of porn scenes from old wicked films of the 90's, girl/girl scenes. actually there is a good collection of scenes here and while a large chunk have serenity in them they are hot, If you like stephanie swift and serennity you most likely will like this collection. I think there is one scene with jenna jameson as well. a few misplaced and somewhat boring scenes in the bunch but for 4 hours this disk is well worth the rent. Only gave it 3 stars because they had alot of the same stars in multiple scenes otherwise this would have been a 4. Only other drawback no special features but what do you expect on a compiplation series.

 from House Sitter
Studio: Wicked

Not A Bad Flick, Randy Steals The Show.

ok so i am one for the story. i like a porn that has a good story and this one does. jessica housitting for brad armstrong and of course he is an ass, giving her a list of "rules" not to do while he is away. the actor runing away with this film is randy spears though. he plays a bad guy trying to get in the house "because he left something" and harrasses and threatens jessica though the whole movie. he plays an evil bad guy so well, i was wincing at some of the scenes. jessica is as hot as ever in this film. if there is one drawback i have is that i didn't find some of the other women in this film as hot as the regular wicked girl contract girls, if it wasn't for jessica and randy this film might have fallen into something weak/cliche but they pulled it off into a great film, and pulled off something you don't see done well anymore. a halfway decent erotic thriller. i recommend it.

 from Lady Scarface (Disc 1)
Studio: Adam & Eve

Say Hello To My Little Friend

ok how could you not like a film based on scarface. the star is hot, the tony montana accent gets old real fast in this film though. i actually even lost track of the story a bit. i liked seeing girls and guns. i liked the lesbian scene and some of the sex was hot but on average it seemed a bit amateurish. maybe if the didn't play this up as a direct "serious" translation of scarface and made it as a parody it would have been better. i can only give this three stars because if you aren't a fan of the film or the stars of this film it falls flat. there are obsticles in this film, from accent to budget to pacing issues. if you really liked scarface or the star rent this, otherwise i would stay away.

 from Mobster's Ball
Studio: Wicked

Beautifully Shot

I have to admit the style of this film is really impressive. from the costumes to the sets. It takes you back to the early gangster times of the 30's well. The sex also pretty hot. I don't like the cum swapping(just never understand the attraction to that but differnt strokes I guess) but the sex was hot. only drawback is this is a series of vignettes, no story just set up, seductive female voice sets up couple we will see and on to the sex. Nice film, shot beautifully and the wicked cast did an excellent job, one star less for lack of story and the cum swapping that might turn off some.

 from Kill Jill #1
Studio: Hustler


Ok first scene is good, the star is pretty loud and the send up of kill bill funny for about a minute. sadly it completly falls apart. I know porn is not know for it's acting but it was so obvious the actress was reading her lines it was dull. The sex also not that hot and one last scene on the steps lasted way too long. No big payoff with Jill not having any sex scenes. Unless you are a big fan of the film and want to see how porn does a parody I would stay away.

 from Layout (Disc 1)
Studio: Vivid

Not That Good

i will agree with the writer that gave it 2 stars for the idea. there was one there and the stars could act unfortunately they gave them a really bad script and the sex i fell asleep to. the girl bondage scene was weird and not that sexy. both actresses looked like they were bored by the scene. i am guessing it was a sendup of adult video news, considering how many bad films i've seen with avn honors i'm wondering how accurate this film is on "who gets good reviews and why" but i digress. bad sex bored actors and a small sembelence of a script that seems to get washed away by film that seemed to enjoy basing avn more then actually making an interesting film.

 from Girlvana #3 (Disc 1)
Studio: Zero Tolerance

Not That Hot

Ok maybe it's just me but when I see this movie I see some bad joan collens film of the 70's. The accents in this film are many and the scenes just too scattered for me. The sex while somewhat interesting are not as good as some others I've seen (check out the lesbian scene in ashley gors to college 2 for something hot) I liked the kissing scene in the very begining but then the rest of the girls juts seem scanky to me, all big boobed foriegn and wouldn't know sexy if they fell on it. I gave it 3 stars for the nice sets and the nice behind the scenes footage but really I think there are way better girl girl films out there.

 from ReXXX
Studio: Penthouse

Nice Camerawork, Little Slow

this is the first time i rented a film from this studio and i have to admit i like the fast cut camera angles of the sex. just jumps right in. the story is somewhat weak but it is a porn. it is average, nothing horrid and nothing great, just straight up porn with a bit of a story to make it interesting. steven does his typical good performance but the ladies are a bit weak here. gave it 3 stars because i liked the "righ to the sex" camera editing it did and steven's performance makes it watchable.

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