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All Reviews by B.
 from Between My Breasts #4
Studio: Big Top

Its Ok

It was not what i expected. I expected more sex with big tits. There is really only one scene. Cajun Queen is featured on the cover but she really does get down and dirty.

 from Hot And Heavy
Studio: Big Top

Better Than I Thought!

This movie is better than i thought it would be. It is a foreign film so dont expect english. It had great group sex scenes with some pretty good positions. Check it out, it aint half bad.

 from Breast Of Britain #2
Studio: Big Top

Stay Clear

This movie put me to sleep. No sex what so ever and the women were all ugly! The previews were a millions times better than the movie. But do not take my word for it. Be disappointed for yourself.

 from Roly Poly Gang Bang #4
Studio: Heatwave

Check This One Out

The other girls were fine but Jamie Monroe did it for me! If u like older big woman check this dvd out. The editing was a little sloppy but the sex overall was pretty good.

 from Roly Poly Gang Bang #3
Studio: Heatwave

Skip It!!

I would give the sex about 3 and 1/2 stars but i can't. Sorry to get technical but the guy who edited this movie should never be allowed to do anything involved in movie production ever again. Just look at the photo gallery half of those scences are no where in the movie. The sound sucks and the camera work is amateur at best. That is only the tip of the iceberg. Just take my word for it, SKIP IT!!

 from Fat Beach Patrol #3
Studio: Heatwave


This movie has to be one the the funniest movies i have seen in a long time! The first scene had me dying of laugther. The noises she was making were priceless and her facial expressions takes the cake! If you want a laugh check this one out!

 from BBBW #2
Studio: Heatwave

The Good Stuff

This is a excellent dvd! Tigger gives one of the best blow-jobs i have seen in a long time, real get down nasty!! Check it for yourself. It does not disappoint.

 from BBBW #3
Studio: Heatwave


All i got to say is. . .DAMN!! Cleo has the butt the size of Canada. I never seen an ass that damn beautiful. If you love big beautiful women check this one out!!! Diva Starr also gives a great blow-job.

 from Freaks & Geeks #1
Studio: Heatwave


I regret alot of things in my life and viewing this dvd is one of them. Do not even waste your time. It is not freak or anything like that its just plain corny!!

 from Black Tranny Whackers #1
Studio: Mancini


i gave this movie three stars for one reason. skip past all the other chicks and get to very last scene. . ."slave" is her name. she has the biggest ass i ever seen on woman or man (transexual). she also swings a big dick. the only draw back is that she wears a mask and you can not see her face. check it out and you will know what i am talking about. cosmo is also a great piece of ass. there is no sex just jerking.

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