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All Reviews by B'dub
 from North Pole #10
Studio: New Sensations

Jewel DeNyle, a relative newcomer in 1999, when this was made, appears in an American flag print bikini, strips, blows the rust off North's salam, a rad prelim, and then they go at it full force, she in control, as per usual (the anal animal); the final spray of chowda' is ridiculous. 3 crappy scenes follow w/boring blobs. North in final scene getting blown so badly (lipped?) by one Candi Kiss that he cuts it short, rushes into plow mode which is also not memorable and somewhat abbreviated. But an ultra must vid for DeNyle fans.

 from North Pole #14
Studio: New Sensations

one girl silicon hotty shouts "o my god" the first three minutes of her pounding. another winces in obvious pain but appears overjoyed when the north flood hits her face. both are great scenes, and nacho v. is brilliant in his session with two carnivorous girls.

 from North Pole #17
Studio: New Sensations

Natural girls, hot, a few amateurs, a good thing, though often brief in the bj dept, a tragedy to be sure, and without the presence of mind to continue functioning after their respective hose downs. PN is in 4 of the 5 scenes, a good thing.

 from North Pole #22
Studio: New Sensations

Near perfect. But one wonders why North didn't take the ATM initiative while plowing Monica Sweetheart with face of girl #2 right there. All us viewers would've had the presence of mind to pull out and say, girl #2 taste Monica's ass, but North rarely improvises (frequently on autopilot, does it matter? usually not).

 from North Pole #20
Studio: New Sensations

cover girl stevie is more of an amazing beauty than dynamic sexual animal. she seemed nervous, more concerned with her butt length hair than the business at hand. the only good scene is courtesy of nikita denise who should give lessons to other porn stars. she, with her black hair and blue eyes, is electric, graceful, serious, deepthroating stone with ease and 3-fingering herself while getting plowed in the rear. both of north's scenes are bland, he & whoever going through the motions, an abbreviated, paint by numbers opener w/buffy van norton, and then the final scene with stevie (who takes a good load to the face but there's more to porn than facials); both scenes lack that wild freakout that often occurs in np vids, the revealing honest moment that transcends auto-porn. i waited over a month to get np20 (constantly checked out), which is why acquiring more of this popular long standing series, like the last 4 years, would be a good idea.

 from Black Cravings #3
Studio: West Coast

Opposite Of Hot

aurora snow & fawna are ultra fine but their scenes are seriously uninteresting (tepid), no fault of theirs. the brothers seem more interested in hanging out with each other than connecting with the girls. also, mandingo is not in #3 (false advertising)

 from Brandon Iron's Rampage #1
Studio: West Coast

there's a good scene in the extras that shouldn't be missed w/buxom creature in limo: monster ass, meaty rack. an irons vid is always amusing with his ridiculously tender kisses that follow brutal poundings & chokings. he also does that wandering camera thing out the window when the autopilot blowjob gets uninteresting. a nice mix of amateurs girls & pro model supersluts.

 from New Girls #3
Studio: Evil Angel

a scene featuring lana cox & nacho make this relatively great (her ass is a monster). speaking of dangerous killing machines, katja is her usual perfect self, unfortunately she's paired with two dickmates who don't pack much heat.

 from Up Your Ass #19
Studio: Anabolic

Mazzle Tough

there are lots of tats on porn girls but none that i know of w/the phrase, "trust no man," written in hebrew above the ass. this is courtesy of cherie, and when lex sees this he looks into the camera and says truer words were never spoken. their scene is crazy great, as well as every other minute of this vid. easily one of the best core vids around.

 from Wet Brunettes #1
Studio: Platinum X

Be positive first. Okay. In scene 4 there is one Felicia Fox, and, like her namesake she is smokin' hot, super tan real body, and carnivorous-like, moaning, gagging, devouring the exemplary Julian, who pounds the hell out of her. Awesome-perfect. Their 20 minutes make the whole vid worthwhile. Scene 5, less magnif, but good. Morgan Rider, curious looking w/actual painted eyebrows, no hair, somewhat muscley, not the standard issue porn chick, sexy, round butted, slamming away w/Mark Ashley. But I got the vid for love of Cytherea. Sadly, only her prefuck self-immunization treatment w/dildo is interesting. Her scene with dude the size of a popcycle stick might be sweat-filled and energetic but no true fire. I'm sure she and Julian would've burned the house down. 2 other scenes go unnoticed. P.S.: I didn't see anything on the box cover advertising girls who crave micro-cocks.

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