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All Reviews by Aslangirl
 from Day Dreamer
Studio: Cal Vista

It Could Have Been Better

The voyeuristic beginning was encouraging but the story just didn't quite keep it going. The women were nice enough looking, 1 or two men were ok, but the actors maybe could have shown a little more enjoyment.

 from A Devil's Tail (Disc 1)
Studio: Adam & Eve

Hmmm Not Extremely Exiiting

I'm not exactly sure why it didn't send us (as a couple) but it was a little old with the stars that were in it - thanks

 from A Tale Of Two Titties
Studio: Big Top

fun and silly

It was a good funny fantasy movie that had some fairly good scenes. A fun couple movie with expensive costumes and very very large (too large?)breasts on most of the women especially in the first scene. Most of the women seemed to be enjoying making the movie and so did the guys. I don't think I really got the story but the fantasy scenes were fun.

 from Rio De Janeiro: Top To Bottom
Studio: Nectar

Was It Worth The One And 1/2 Good Scenes?

We were kind of hoping for a little more plumpness given the title of the movie. Most of the women just didn't have enough on top or on the bottom to make it worth watching. We viewed it one time, got slightly aroused by the one scene with 2 girls and the guy on the boat, but the better looking guys (and mind you they were very good looking guys) were with the small chested ladies. More of the movie was spent with women playing with themselves and not even finishing If you are into some anal - I guess it might pass someone's standards.

 from A Slice Of Pie
Studio: Adam & Eve

Cute? Movie

There was a story. It was basically a turn on with a bit of humor. I'd watch it again. Not a bad movie for couples.

 from Hitchhiker, The
Studio: Sin City

Very Athletic Positions And An Actual Storyline

All around decent movie with fantastic "choreography" so to speak in the creative positions used for some of the scenes. Nice little fantasy story to keep one interested beyond the sex. I'd rent it again.

 from Honey Drippers
Studio: Back End

Fast Forward Wasn't Fast Enough!

literally I fast forwarded through the entire movie. Very boring movie, nothing special about the actors/actresses. Not a bit turned on.

 from Bound To Please #5
Studio: Digital Sin

If you like the first scene...

I'm sorry about this movie. There is no story line. I have no idea why these girls were all tied up, dripping with warm oily water or something and all had blind folds at the beginning - oh and some sort of tiny vibrator in their undies. We watched the first scene, and fast forwarded through the rest of the movie. Had to stop for a while on one girl since her breasts seemed to be attractive to my husband, but literally every single scene seemed to be identical to the first. No reason for them to be tied up - boring!