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All Reviews by Anonymous
 from A Guide To Eating Out
Studio: Wicked


This was one of the most disgusting movies I've ever seen. Too much spitting and in one scene I'm not sure but i thought i saw a chick spit in another chicks mouth. It could've been my imagination but i didn't want to rewind to see it again if it did happen. This movie was so extremely disappointing and i would not recommend spending ur money on this!

 from Lick Dat Pussy #1
Studio: Vengeance XXX


Boring movie, not very stimulating, was not turned on the least bit. I wouldn't recommend anyone buy this movie.

 from Blackalicious #1
Studio: Smash

Not Loud Enough

I didn't like this movie for one, the actors were not loud enough and the movie looks bootlegged. The first scene is ok but other than that it doesn't do much for me.

 from Lick Dat Black Pussy
Studio: Black Doll

Not Impressed

I really don't want to give it a rating because it was so not was boring and i didn't get the least bit aroused by the movie.

 from Girls Greasin' Girls #2
Studio: Black Ice

Extremely Boring...

Very boring to me, the last scene was ok. Returned the movie the same day it arrived!