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All Reviews by Always Real!
 from Hot Latin Pussy Adventures #17
Studio: T.T.B. Productions

Not Bad Elena!

This seems to be your basic latin pussy adventure. This flick had the good cum shots and chics that swallow. That's a good thing fellas!A chick that swallows and is beautiful is almost unheard of. Elena has a nice fat ass and gives you a decent cock suck. She just needs to work that ass alot more. The chics are pretty but Elena was the best one!

 from Asian Size Queens
Studio: West Coast

Suck It Eva!

The last scene with Eva Devine is incredable! The scene was intense and rough. This is the way you suck a man off ladies! She is hthe first Asain chic represent like the sistas and the puetro rican momies. I respect Eva because she was'nt afraid to suck.The only thing that Eva neede to do was take it up the ass and swallow! Napier lacked horrible with the cum shot!The fourth chic gave a good blow job also. She just needs some meat on her ass!Three stars for Eva and the chic in fourth scenes blow jobs!

 from Deep Black Ass #2
Studio: Black Ice

Kitten And Natasha!

kitten gives the best performance overall in this film! she is definately a bitch who showed alot of intensity. her voice and her "head game" are strong. she can fuck but she is not the most beautiful chic in this feature. my girl natasha is a dream! her performance was good but not her best scene. i don't believe she was shot well either. if you tell her exactly what you want from her, she will do exactly that! she is so beautiful you could cum just by looking at her! she also has a perfect brown skin ass! i would have to eat her ass for an hour before i fuck her!

 from Big Bubble Butt Brazilian Orgy #8 (Disc 1)
Studio: Evasive Angles

Monique And Virginia!

Oh my God! This dvd is not bad at all. The women and my God the Asses! All the Asses! Virgina and Monique were just unbelievable! Those two were my favorites. They had the two Biggest Asses out of all of them. The ratings at the end was a cool thing. The camera man could have done more with capturing Monique more but overall standard orgy stuff.

 from Gigantic Brazilian Butts #1
Studio: Evasive Angles

Suck Me Leonora!

The title definately lives up to his name. My girl Leonora gave a real good blowjob. I mean i almost nutted up just watching her. She is the second scene.She's got a huge ass that i would luv to spend the night in. Moura which is the first girl, she just did'nt bring the intensity with her scene like she did in big butt road trip. She let me down. Just because you have a huge ass you still have fuck and be nasty not just lay there.

 from Ridin' Dirty #1
Studio: Vouyer

Shelia And Luscious Lopez

Both of their scenes were less than ok! I think that maybee they weren't paid enough. Who ever shot these ladies sucked just like Nappers cum shots! When you shot these ladies, you gotta shot'em right!Don't rent this bullshit!

 from Big Butt All Stars: Sara Jay (Disc 1)
Studio: Evasive Angles

Sara Jay Baby!

sara's got a hell of an ass for a "vanilla" chic. face to ass first, tongue to ass second,dick to ass third,and finish off with a hot thick load! this chics ass is wide and plumpt. she can also give some great ass head. all sara needs is some dental work. but i guess if she sucking your cock or got her face buried in a pillow,i guess it really don't matter! not a bad flick. i look foward to part two.

 from Latin Booty Talk #5
Studio: West Coast

The Forbidden Fruits Of Brazil!

Fucken perfect! Fellas I shit u not! Every scene very intense and all the ladies are beautiful. The fuck their asses off,suck and swallow, and take it up the ass. One more can an animal ask for. This one outshines Latin Booty Talk #6. I personally love the scene with the two girls toward the end! The light skin one Cheyene, boy is she fucken hot. Watchout fellas she might fuck you!Buy this one guys and remember don't forget to get your plane ticket for the pilgrimage to Brazil.Stay anywhere from three weeks to forever!

 from Mom Got Ass #1
Studio: West Coast

Mother Shelia I Confess!

Shelia's scene was good but it wasn't her best. Her ass and her overall looks are amazing. If she was a nun at my church i would be there 7 days a week Confess'in my ass off! That idea was good and entertaining for a porno flick!The other chics in film are not even worth a discussion. None of them are on Mother Shelia's level!

 from Bomb Ass White Booty #9
Studio: West Coast


Drunna got a dope ass figure from head to toe. Her face is not that attractive but if she ever needed her ass eatten, her pussy licked, or her toes sucked I'd definately would'nt mind providing the services. She also can take it in the ass pretty good too!

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