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All Reviews by Adorablecritic
 from Gang Bang Angels #6
Studio: Elegant Angel

A Few Good Shots

if you're into gb's, this one is okay--not the worst, certainly not the best there is, just okay. there were a few decent shots here and there, but it started feeling very mechanical and repetitive-- "assembly-line-esque"-- after a while. worth a quick watch, i suppose.

 from My Baby Got Back #27
Studio: Video Team

A Couple Of Good Scenes

I wish we could give half stars, because this one for me is a 2.5'er. Alas, since I had to round up or down, I rounded down and settled on a rating of 2. There is only one scene in this entire film that I would seem sexy or interesting; that one scene (Scene 1) is sexy beyond reason. Get this movie for that and fastforward thru the rest.

 from My Baby Got Back #24
Studio: Video Team

Worth Seeing

A few of the scenes were pretty well done (a few moments of stellar choreography come to mind), although there was some weird voiceover narration in one scene that made absolutely no sense to this reviewer. Pointless plots aside, this one is worth your time. Check it out.

 from Gang Bang Anals
Studio: Elegant Angel

Annoying Mess

This was a confusing, jumbled mess. The film had a carnival sideshow motif running through it which left me completely baffled. The use of fishbowl lens, the actors in clown makeup and hockey gear, and the dumping of dirty water on one of the women (the overall humiliation factor that one reviewer pointed out) made for a total mess of a movie. Rearranging your sock drawer would be less of an annoyance and waste of time.

 from Ashawna's Bombay Gangbang
Studio: Gentlemen's

No Words

I got this one, skipped thru it, and put it right back in the mail the same day. The woman, Ashuana (the DVD makers can't even bother to spell her name correctly) is attractive enough. The issue is the men! If you wanna see old, unattractive, out of shape men with ZERO width or girth (one of them isn't even large enough to penetrate in a certain position!), here's your vid. Otherwise, SKIP IT!

 from Seymore Butts And His Mystery Girl
Studio: Sunshine

One Decent Scene

i was compelled to check out this film by its high rating (and i luv rocco sifreddi, so how could i lose? or so i thought). i have no idea why it's so well-liked--i fast-forwarded through it and then sent it back the same day i got it. there is only one decent scene, and by using "decent," i am being very kind. rocco does a 3some scene with 2 women, it seemed that once things got going, there was honestly nothing for the 2nd woman to do; she got in the way of the action and was a very annoying presence (not her fault--just wasn't interesting to watch). also, the "mystery" woman appears later and has some of the most hideous, mangled, post-botched boob job breasts you shall ever see in your life. if you like rocco, skip this one and hold out for a better rocco vid.