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All Reviews by Adam
 from World's Biggest Gangbang #3 - Houston 620
Studio: Metro

The Greatest Comedy Of All Time!

the houston 620 has it all. from limp penises and weak money shots, unattractive fluff girls, miscellaneous people mulling around ruining the shot, terrible camera angles and sound half the time to a listless, detached star and a goofball host ron jeremy. this is the greatest comedy ever filmed. houston, in my opinion, is not attractive. she is very freckled on her back, her face is scary, and her comically fake boobs are disguting. however, it's great to hear her yell, "next!", joke about limp guys, and give interviews and ham for the camera during the sex. great entertainment! a must see!

 from Cock Suckers
Studio: Midnight Mayhem

More Blah Than Blow

Too much dumb repeating of dirty words at the start of each scene. Most of the girl's are average looking at best. Cheyenne Silver is the hottest girl in the video, and she does a good job, and gets her man to give her a nice finish. The highlight of the movie is Lola. I've always thought she had an ugly hotness, but she gives a super wet sloppy agressive oral job and takes a real shot at the end. That's about it.

 from Masseuse, The (Disc 1)
Studio: Club Jenna

They Kinda Got It Right...

this movie has an interesting plot, and is somewhat professionally done, decent cinematography. jenna is very hot in this movie even though her acting goes from good to bad sometimes. she looks like a normal girl without all the makeup, weird outfits and wigs she has on a lot of times. the sex is very passionate and hot. however, they threw in some scenes that didn't need to be included, like the female masturbation scene, which would have been fine as one of the "extras". savannah and jenna have a hot scene. lots of bondage. a great movie if your interested in that or would like a good couples movie.

 from Trinity Heat
Studio: Wicked

Mostly Good

Too many boy-boy-girl scenes, but overall this video is pretty good. No plot to get in the way of the action, just 4 hours of pure sex. Devin Lane is very hot, although she does more watching than participating. Jezabelle Bond is very pasty and very hot! Hot Anna Nova screaming a foreign language during sex is hilarious. Jenna Jameson does a good job with TT Boy and Peter North. The highlight is the raunchy third scene with Alexandria Quinn. It is very nasty with lots of gagging, spitting on her body and in her mouth, and choking her with their fingers. Plus, a good limp penis is always fun for a laugh.