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All Reviews by 1hotcouple
 from Gangbang Girl #32
Studio: Anabolic

Left us uninspired

Rented this one for Gauge. Had seen some of her other work and was optimistic this one would be comparable. While she does a good job of handling all these guys (she seemed calm and in control versus overwhelmed), I would not consider this a good depiction of her talent or range. She has done other films where she comes across really getting into multiple guys, girls, giant cocks, DP, a very believable way. This one she came across as clinical or mechanical versus hot or into it; more like her just doing her job; one that she is very good at. The video itself seemed to lack spark. There was a porn-believable plot, albeit poorly acted. The girls where gangbang cute and the guys all had decent cocks but we could not shake the feeling that something was lacking. Agree with one of the other reviews that suggested more shorter scenes might have been better than two really long ones. Also agree with review comment about the male ass licking. For us, he likes it but seeing it here did not inspire her to give it a try. Final let down was the extremely poor quality cumshots. These guys had decent sized cocks but cumshots were lame. Bottom line: With so many porn movies to choose from there is no reason to give high marks here. Fairly certain there are better examples of Gauge’s work and better GB films out there. We’ll keep looking. The Pro’s: Gauge The Con’s: Lack of even one quality cumshot.

 from A Load In Every Hole #1
Studio: Kick Ass

Can't Recommend

Didn’t even finish this one. Three or four guys together pretending to be talent scouts or something. Girls come in and the guys make them feel like crap until they strip and do all the guys. The title sort of suggested that the women might be accommodating all the guys at once but didn’t see DP or what some refer to as making her “air tight” but note we said we only got through the first 1.5 scenes. The biggest turn-off for this one was the attitude of the guys; they treat the women like crap, use them, and then high-five they are sent out. It’s very frat-partyish. It’s this kind of thing that gives the anti-porn folks ammunition. This movie seems geared toward the guy who doesn’t have any respect for women. Doubt women will find anything of value from this one. The Pro’s: The first girl had sexy panties and looked cute. It’s porn. The Con’s: Not good for couples, Does not inspire or entertain.

 from Six Degrees Of Seduction #2
Studio: Cal Vista

A great video to get the juices flowing

He likes this one for a couple reasons. The woman is the one coming up with the ideas. The ideas have oomph behind them. In our relationship, getting her to write a couple stories like this is something he would like to do. It would help her to really explore the recesses of her sexuality and let them both learn more about what she thinks about when she thinks about sex. The action itself is put together well to entertain and inspire. This is full of good sex and very little of the aggressive piston pounding crap. Couples will really enjoy this...perhaps with a friend. The setup for the plot is pretty good; girl gets a job as a writer for a porn mag. The boss sets high expectations and then lets her get to work. She jots down a title and a few ideas and the screen transitions to each scene. The Pro’s: The production quality is at a decent level. The action is good. The underlying storyline is what really makes the whole thing really hot; a woman’s mind is behind all this. Melody Love’s ass. Amber Sexxum’s tongue piercing. Her breast augmentation is well done. The Con’s: Melody Love’s grill. The combination of Amber Sexxum’s collagen lips and large tongue stud; makes her sound a little like Marlee Matlin.

 from Jenna Haze: Dark Side (Disc 1)
Studio: Jules Jordan Video

Not so much

The other reviews set this one up to be something special. He likes things a little more on the “dark side” so this seemed appropriate. Unfortunately this one failed to impress. There wasn’t enough good action to keep us from fixating on the negative. Maybe we need to watch more of her work. We researched Jenna after watching this and were surprised to learn she is 29. Had her pegged as very early 20’s based on looks and her acting (even taking into consideration it’s porn). There is a fine line between being sexy and trying too hard. Jenna and her co-stars seemed to err on the side of trying too hard. Too much of the pursed mouth and clenched teeth making the perpetual /g/ sound like camouflage and garage. The girl in the black outfit in the submission chapter was doing a lot of this. Similarly, not sure what the deal is with the “SCHMOCK” suction breaking sound when performing orally. On a positive note, Jenna seemed very capable. This one gets two stars for Jenna’s ability to do anal well. We won’t say don’t rent this one. We’ll simply say it wasn’t for us. The Pro’s: She can do anal, oral, and straight sex with apparent ease. The Con’s: She’s too skinny, looks too young, and overacts.

 from Strap Attack #5
Studio: Evil Angel

Good W2M dildo action

Glad to find a series dedicated to W2M dildo action. Players are attractive. He particularly liked the girl with the ankle boots in the first scene. Gotta give the guys credit, it’s difficult to relax your ass to take a dildo, especially some of these, and still maintain a hard-on. Action is good but can be a little rough if you aren’t used to seeing or doing this. For the men watching this, keep that in mind if you are trying to talk your woman into doing this. This might be sensory overload for your lady and scare her away from trying it. For the ladies, keep that in mind if you plan to surprise your man. Guys in the video were obviously warmed up beforehand. A lot of spitting going on throughout all scenes. I guess that is to help create the aggressive, carnal atmosphere. Can be a little distracting. Flavored lube would have been just as good. Last note is subtle and likely not consciously noticed by most, but it does add something positive to the DVD. After the guys cum, they take a few minutes to bring the intensity level down. Unlike other videos where the guy cums and the scenes abruptly ends, this one brings you down easier. We appreciated that. Good enough to recommend. We will probably try some of the others in the series. The Pro’s: Players are attractive. Action is good. A few guys take their own cum. The Con’s: Too much spitting, a little rough at times. Some of the guys were used up; took forever to cum and had uninspiring cum shots. Usually prostate stimulation makes for a bigger load.

 from World Domination #4
Studio: Bizarre Video

Not worth the effort

Picked this one out because it said Janine was in it. Never saw her or it wasn’t the Janine we were looking for. The write-up says Dolby surround 5.1 which we thought implied good sound quality. Not. There are only three scenes and the whole DVD is only about 45 minutes long. Finally, the transsexual content was supposed to be an introduction into a potential fantasy for us; unfortunately this particular DVD left us uninspired. Don’t bother with this one. The Pro’s: Dominatrix in the third scene looks good in patent outfit and heels. The Con’s: Too short, poor production quality, no Janine.

 from No Boys No Toys #1
Studio: Bad Seed

She really got into watching this one

The review does not need to be too extensive here. This was a pretty good G2G film. She liked it so it was more than the typical male fantasy flick. There are five energetic main scenes plus one bonus scene. In contrast to the DVD title, the bonus scene is girl/guy action. All of the scenes provide some good quality girl on girl action where they really seem to be into each other and not simply trying to earn a paycheck. The opening scene may be the best on the disc although Kelli Tyler and Naudia Nyce provide some good action in the last scene. The Pro’s: Enthusiastic women that really appear to be in to one another. The Con’s: Some of the “Oh god! Oh God!...I’m coming!...Oh my God! AAAAAAHHHHHHH!” is a bit too much. It can be a distraction and makes the girls appear insincere at times.

 from Squirt Gangbang #2
Studio: Elegant Angel

For squirting niche porn lovers only

This was a residual Annette Schwartz video left in the lineup. Had I caught it, I would have deleted it after watching her in slutwoman. But since it was here, figured we might as well take a look. Maybe this Annette movie will be better suited for us. Annette was pretty intense in slutwoman. He is intrigued by the squirting orgasm anyway. Didn’t think you could really fake something like this. (Spoiler alert!) He stands corrected. Some may argue that this is real. For them we say consider these women appear to go at it for 30-45 minutes of filming the first scene alone and it appears both scenes were filmed in the same day. Factor in for breaks, editing, and other things, and it just seems impossible for this to be the real deal. There just isn’t that much cum inside anyone, especially these women. Some of the girls had curves but none could have ejaculated that much without dehydrating. Vaginal enemas must have been used. Technical details out of the way, he liked a few of the ladies; as mentioned, they have the right curves. Plus, there is something to be said for the collective enthusiasm displayed by all involved. It is an all girl film. It might could be better if they had a lone guy or a few guys to cum on; sort of a cumshot or facial role reversal. Like the slutwoman series, this one is more niche porn than something couples would watch together but this one has more to offer. You can only watch this for so long before it just gets cartoonish. Have to wonder if Nina Hartley has done a squirting orgasm instructional video. The Pro’s: Curvy hotties with a lot of enthusiasm and energy. The Con’s: Niche porn that goes over the top into cartoon mode after the first 15 minutes.

 from Big Loads #1
Studio: DVSX

Inspirational - try this.

Lots of hot sticky gooey action as the title implies. He was hoping to generate a desire to perform re-enactments based on the content. She says you will just have to imagine how many times, and which specific scenes worked out that way. Not sure how many of these you can watch in a row before it becomes overkill but worst case this would be an excellent background video for a group event or night alone together. One way to make this better, or perhaps an idea for a spinoff series, would be to have scenes where guys share loads with the girl; maybe some Bi-action or snowballing his own load. Why should she get it all? The Pro’s: Lots of messy facial cumshots. The Con’s: No sharing. Scenes are not numbered or organized by chapters on the disk to be able to tell you our favorites.

 from Annette Schwarz Is Slutwoman #2
Studio: Elegant Angel

I vunt to fuck you moose and squirrel

She drives around in a van giving an interview to another porn woman. After a few questions they break to a scene. Annette seems to get into the action quickly and likes to gag/choke herself. Jam a hand in her mouth until she gags and dry heaves to bring up some bile spit. Then she shares that with the other players. The spitting can be off-putting, especially since its pretty much dry heaves vice more conventional saliva exchanges in porn. Kinda gross actually. Listening to her talk I can’t shake the idea I am watching a porn variation of the old Bullwinkle cartoons. Despite her sexual intensity, she doesn’t bring much else to the table. She’s pretty much dumb as a box of rocks. We prefer to watch performers who have looks, talent, intelligence, and bring a believable enthusiasm to the task at hand. Unfortunately, what she brings in intensity does not make up for her shortfalls in other areas. Pass on this one folks unless debasing porn is your thing. The Pro’s: Annette appears to be a genuine freak that likes things a little different. She has the enthusiasm. The Con’s: This is niche porn that will not appeal to the masses.

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