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All Reviews by @$$Hole
 from I Love Big Toys #1
Studio: Digital Sin

Try, Try Again

the name says they love big toys, but they really cant do anything much with them. 5 beautiful girls trying to have fun with toys that are bigger then they are. so if you are expecting to see some girls that can stretch all-the-way to take a massive toy, look else where. the girls try to play with the big toys, but have to go back to the ones more their size to do any pleasure. so if i was rating by girls impaling themselves on monster toys, id give this 1 star. but like i said earlier, the girls were beautiful, and they did try to use the toys, so ill give them credit for that.

 from Big Breasted Bitches #4
Studio: Starr


really wasnt that bad. has 5 good looking, nicely breasted women. kind of a high quality amateur film feel to it. the women look to be in their 30's to 40's in age. the only thing i disliked is a personal pet peeve of mine. i hate to see beautiful women covering themselves up in makeup, and especially massive amounts of it. and most of the women had massive amounts of it on. *sigh* when will you women learn that makeup does not make you look prettier. all it does is hide your actual beauty that we want to see. sorry, im ranting, check it out for yourself, and see what you think.

 from Dripping Wet Pussies #14
Studio: Starr

Oozing Fun

well, 4 different scenes here. 3 of them has the same lovely lady in them. i have not watched any of the others from this series, so i do not know if she is a repeat performer. definitely brings some realism to the female orgasm. no squirting or girls peeing pretending to be squirting, as my heading say, its oozing fun. all 7 of the ladies are good looking too. but dont take my word for it, look at yourself.

 from Black Masturbating Mamas
Studio: Gentlemen's

Do Not Rent

Do yourself a massive favor, look the other way, and forget you heard of this one. Has 4 scenes. 1st one nothing to brag about. 2nd one .....if you like BBW then you might like this scene, but she is anything but beautiful. 3rd one, when compared to #2 is a lot better looking, but....nah! 4th one, the girl is good looking, but her action is boring. If you rent this, don't say I didn't warn you.

 from Pissing Beauties #4
Studio: FilmCo


OK, the girls are cute. Ill give them that, but as for the name of this one..... they fail big time on that. I do not call three little drips pissing. I have seen squirting videos where they are actually pissing, that are a hell of a lot better than this. If you want a lot of pissing, look up any of the movies Flower is in, cause she is no squirter, that girl just pisses everywhere.

 from Maximum Toy Penetration
Studio: FilmCo

Do Not Waste Your Time

if i could give it zero stars i would. one it says "all girl". wrong!!!! they gave these toys that are as big around as any guy's leg, and these girls do such a lame attempt at playing with them, that they bring some guy in to help them out, which fails, and then they say the hell with it, and they nail the girls, all while they are trying to suck on the monster toys. the girls might be good looking, but you can tell they are completely out of their element on this feature. did plenty of fast forwarding, got bored and just ejected it. so please, don't waste your time, take my work for it, and pass this one by.

 from 12 Nasty Girls Masturbating #9
Studio: Madness

*Rolling Eyes*

12 girls, some ok, some bad. be and sure to mute your set before the menu appears, for they added an interview with the first girl, and she has an annoying speech impediment that keeps going and going through all of the menus. talking about when she first started masturbating. if you find that offensive that id talk about someone's speech impediment, cry me a river. and if you dont believe me, watch it for yourself. dont say i didnt warn you though.:-