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All Reviews by "XXX Adict"
 from Filthy Sleazy Scoundrels
Studio: Heatwave

Kaitlyn's OK

I love Kaitlyn Ashley! That said, this DVD has 2 OK scenes with her. She's done better, especially later in her career, but these scenes are OK. All in all, very 80's, and the other scenes werer boring.

 from Up The Ying Yang #1 / Up The Ying Yang #2
Studio: Coast to Coast

Tricia's The Only Plus

I knew going in that this 2 for 1 DVD was going to be a waste of time, and I was right. All of the scenes were from the 80's, and the girls and action was very sub-par. I got it solely for the Tricia Yen scene. Even though she's the prettiest Asian girl I've ever seen, she got paired up with an ugly girl. Oh well, live and learn.

 from Fetish Fairy Tails #2
Studio: Starr


In my eyes, Summer can do no wrong - until now! In her scene, she wears a full length dress and scrubs a floor with a brush in her teeth. Soon after, she has mouse traps attached to her tits. What a waste of my time!!! The other scenes were awful also. Move on to your next chioce.

 from Rainwoman #7
Studio: Coast to Coast

Less Than Boring

I rented this DVD primarily for Sarah Jane Hamilton, and I was very disappointed!!! She was "in" 2 scenes. The first, she's watching a couple have sex while she's masterbating, but only clips of that. The 2nd, the whole scene, she has her ass to the screen and having some anal beads inserted. You never see her face. Whassup with that? There is a good BJ fron Lili Xene. And for all of you Jasmine Aloha fans out there, she's not even in this movie.

 from Strap-On Heaven #2
Studio: Valhalla Sky

Summer can't save this one

I was pretty sure that this movie would suck, and I rented it just for Summer Cummings. I was right about the non-Summer parts, they did suck. But the Summer scene was pretty bad also. One of the reviews mentioned that her scene was cut into 4 parts (for no aparent reason), and the first 2 were awful. The last 2 were just OK. I'm glad that I rented it, just to take it off my Summer list.

 from Busty Beauties #6
Studio: Hustler

Catalina rocks, movie doesn't

Catalina should send her plastic surgeon a Christmas card every year for the great job he/she did on her tits!!! WOW. Devon Michaels looked great also. The other girls didn't do much for me. The action was pretty basic and predictable. I'll give this DVD 2 stars for Catalina, and 1 for the rest of the DVD.

 from Kittens #6
Studio: Coast to Coast

"mildly enjoyable"

I'm a big Summer Cummings fan, and Tricia Yen is one of the most beautiful asians in the business, and both are in this DVD. How can I miss? This is how - The DVD is copied poorly from VHS, and the production value was pretty poor to start with. The action was mild, and the other girls were so-so. I'll still give it 2 stars, because of my favorite two stars.

 from Hardcore Collection, The #2
Studio: LBO

Isn't Max Yet

The scenes in this DVD are of Max Hardcore before he became the REAL Max Hardcore. I like the later Max, with the fantasy role playing with young girls, but this DVD was a big disappointment.

 from Rainwoman #6
Studio: Coast to Coast

Best Rainwoman I've See, So Far

Sarah Jane Hamilton (AKA Victoria Secrett) is the primary reason that I rented this DVD, and she was in 2 pretty good scenes. The rest of the movie was good also, for an 80's feature film.

 from Tit To Tit Collection #3
Studio: Big Top

"Great" Big Tits

This is one of the best big tit lesbian compilation movies I've ever seen! Tiffany Towers, Sarenna Lee, Angelique, and a blonde Harley Raine, who can go wrong. AND a good scene with Summer Cummings and Tanya Danielle, That put it over the top. Even the girls that I didn't know were hot.

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