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All Reviews by "XXX Adict"
 from Anal Xplosion
Studio: Wildlife

Well Done

A good group of A-List stars, Very good anal action. Audrey Hollander is her usual over-the-top anal pervert! Definitely worth the rental.

 from Tappin' That Ass #3
Studio: XCartel

"Painful" to Watch

All of the girls in this DVD looked uncomfortable about what was being done to their asses. In each scene, the guy tries to stick a huge dildo in their ass, but there wasn't any ooh's and ahh's. They were squirming around trying to get away from that thing. Even when the guy sticks his dick up there, they weren't very into it. Even Tory Lane, whom I've seen take all sorts of things and sizes up there, wasn't having any of it.

 from Busty Hollywood Starlets #3
Studio: Bizarre Video

Makes my head spin

THis DVD has quite an unuual variety of scened in it. They're mostly fetish, a couple whipping scenes, leather, rope bondage, some solo scenes, celophane bondage, etc. But each scene never goes that extra mile to a good orgasm. However, the girls are buxom and gorgeous!!!

 from Big Boob Bangeroo #15
Studio: Totally Tasteless Video

This Didn't Do It For Me

The girls were so-so at best. A few were too heavy for my taste. Holly Landers was the only saving grace, even though she's done beter.

 from I Love Sabrine
Studio: New Sensations

Good job Sabrine!

This a a winner. Sabrine is a hot little Asian who can take big things anywhere. There are 8 scenes, and 6 of them are top notch. Production values are good, and she is well made up. Nice!!!

 from Kick Ass Chicks #37: Spinners
Studio: Kick Ass

Middle Of The Road

I like short girls, but the problem that I have with this and other "short girl" movies is that they are teamed up with short guys. "Short" is a relativve term. Ther has to be contrast between the girl and guy in a scene. I want to see a 5'0" girl with a 6'6" guy, and see what they can do. Other than that, the girls were hot, the scenes were too short, and the action was tame. They did however try to give each scene a story line. Nice try!

 from Bring Your A Game #3
Studio: 3rd Degree

OK Anal

If you like anal, and only anal, you'll like this one, and probably any from this series. Each scene starts just before the anal starts. And every scene is about 6 minutes long. And because of that, you get alot of scenes. Talk about getting straight to the point. Give it a shot.

 from Right Up The Ying Yang
Studio: Heatwave

Kimi Ji's The Only Plus

Scenes with Kimi Ji are hit and miss with me. This one hit!!! Her beautiful face, tight body, her willingness to do anal, are all here. I also love to hear her talk during sex in that squeaky, slightly broken English voice of hers. The rest of the DVD was crap.

 from Annihilation Of Summer, The
Studio: Totally Tasteless Video

Fetish Summer

I'm a big Summer fan, and this DVD had plenty of her. There is one solo scene, which is pretty good, except for her shoving a bobby pin through her forearm. If you can get through that (which I did), the rest of the scene is great. The other Summer scene, she is loosly bound and spanked, a little too hard for me. She does get anally fucked with a dildo attached to a drill. That was pretty cool. The other girls in the DVD were kind of past their primes, except Tanya Danielle, who gets fucked with a bottle. All in all, a pretty good rental.

 from Amateur Madness #1 (Disc 1)
Studio: Metro

Move on!!!

This is one of those 5 disc sets where every disc got only 1 star. I was pulled into this rental by the big picture of Kimi Ji on the front cover with huge silicone tits, and got lucky the she was on the first disc that I rented. I think that she is one of the most beautiful Asians that I've seen in porn, and she has a cute, quirky, high-pitched, broken= english voice. However, in her scene, she was very uninspired, and NEVER said a word! Very disappointing, like the rest of the disc. At least I don't have to rent the other 4 discs. I guess that's something.

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