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Awesome Asssets from Classic XAwesome Asssets (1986)
Studio:  Classic X
Added on:  Aug 9th, 2013

2.5 stars (from 9 customers)
1 written review
Starring:   Crystal Dawn, Jamie Gillis, K.C. Valentine, Michael Allen, Tiffany Storm, Viper

Movie Synopsis:  Peek in the backdoor and find that warm, loving, intelligent, wonderful girl taking it in the ass!
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Black Superstars from Coast to CoastBlack Superstars (2007)
Studio:  Coast to Coast
Added on:  Apr 20th, 2012

2.3 stars (from 3 customers)
Starring:   Andre Bolla, Angel Kelly, Cinnamon Dream, Herschel Savage, Jack Baker, Pattie Petite, Prince Tamo, Robbie Dee, Saharaand more...

Movie Synopsis:  The world will survive -- black sex is alive!
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Don't Kiss Me, I'm Straight from HisDon't Kiss Me, I'm Straight (2006)
Studio:  His
Added on:  Mar 13th, 2007

2.7 stars (from 4 customers)
Starring:   Alexander, Chad Knight, Edwardo Rocha, Jim Montana, Karl Thomas, Robbie Anderson, Tony Raz, Viper

Movie Synopsis:  N/A
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Dreams In The Forbidden Zone from LBODreams In The Forbidden Zone (1988)
Studio:  LBO
Added on:  Aug 15th, 2007

1.8 stars (from 6 customers)
Starring:   Brandy Alexandre, Champagne, Derrick Daniels, Erica Boyer, Jade East, Lynn LeMay, Nina De Ponca, Peter North, Ray Victoryand more...

Movie Synopsis:  Erica and Allan have the perfect marriage until, while playing sex games, he accidentally dies. Erica is guilt ridden and grief stricken until visited by Allan's spirit. ... read more
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Freak Show from FilmCoFreak Show (2009)
Studio:  FilmCo
Added on:  Nov 24th, 2009

2.2 stars (from 5 customers)
Starring:   Billy Best, Billy Frank, Eric, Greg Rome, Hans Muller, Jake Steed, Loretta Sterling, Lotta Love, Lucky Striker, Misty Dawnand more...

Movie Synopsis:  In this life there are a small slice of people who are different -- some by an act of God, some by their own choice. This DVD is not squeamish, or those who will throw the ... read more
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Golden Age Of Porn, The: Lynn LeMay And Viper from Gentlemen'sGolden Age Of Porn, The: Lynn LeMay And Viper (2006)
Studio:  Gentlemen's
Added on:  Jan 28th, 2008

1.7 stars (from 10 customers)
Starring:   Lynn LeMay, Viper

Movie Synopsis:  Viper was one of the ultimate sexual animals! She loved her sex rough, her men huge, and her women hot!
RentUnlimited Rentals!BuyunavailablePPM7¢/minStream$4.95DOWNLOAD$14.95

Hindlick Maneuver from Coast to CoastHindlick Maneuver (2007)
Studio:  Coast to Coast
Added on:  Nov 17th, 2010

3.3 stars (from 3 customers)
Starring:   Brandy Alexandre, Jaime Lee, Lois Ayres, Marc Wallice, Nikki Wilde, Peter North, T.T. Boy, Viper

Movie Synopsis:  You learned CPR, how to stop a bleed, and how to splint a break. Now learn how not to choke while performing analingus!
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Lesbian Lovers from VCXLesbian Lovers (2005)
Studio:  VCX
Added on:  Apr 5th, 2006

2.6 stars (from 6 customers)
Starring:   Amanda Tyler, Gayle Sterling, Jacqueline Lorians, Long Chainy, Shanna McCullough, Toni Kristian, Viper

Movie Synopsis:  A wacky psychiatrist corrals five of the sexiest adult starlets into therapy one afternoon in hopes of each reliving their most intimate lesbian encounters!
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Masseuse, The (Disc 2) from Club JennaMasseuse, The (Disc 2) (2004)
Studio:  Club Jenna
Added on:  Apr 23rd, 2007

2.9 stars (from 32 customers)
6 written reviews
Starring:   Alan Bosshart, Bud Lee, Danielle Rogers, Hyapatia Lee, Paul Thomas, Porsche Lynn, Randy Spears, Viper

Movie Synopsis:  Disc 2 contains the original Paul Thomas feature, "The Masseuse" never before on DVD!
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Midnight Fire from LBOMidnight Fire (1990)
Studio:  LBO
Added on:  May 25th, 2007

3.1 stars (from 6 customers)
1 written review
Starring:   Jessie Eastern, Krystal Kraven, Lynn LeMay, Mike Horner, Peter North, Raven Richards, Sean Michaels, Sharon Kaneand more...

Movie Synopsis:  Desire burning deep!
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Mondo Bitches from LBOMondo Bitches (2001)
Studio:  LBO
Added on:  Aug 21st, 2007

Not Yet Rated
Starring:   Eric Roberts, Jack U. Late, Valhalla, Viper

Movie Synopsis:  The Mistress Viper trains two young and very beautiful new-cummers in the art of male domination.
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Mystery Of The Golden Lotus, The from LBOMystery Of The Golden Lotus, The (2005)
Studio:  LBO
Added on:  Aug 9th, 2013

3.0 stars (from 1 customer)
1 written review
Starring:   Aja, Eric Edwards, Jon Martin, Kassi Nova, Marc Wallice, Peter North, Ray Victory, Rick Savage, Sasha, Sharon Kaneand more...

Movie Synopsis:  N/A
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Saki's House Party from LBOSaki's House Party (1990)
Studio:  LBO
Added on:  Dec 30th, 2010

3.6 stars (from 3 customers)
Starring:   Dusty, Michelle Monroe, Raven Richards, Ron Jeremy, Saki, Sasha Gabor, Sean Michaels, Viper, Wayne Summers

Movie Synopsis:  Join Saki's guests as she entertains them Oriental style at a party to be remembered!
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Tracy Takes Paris from Classic XTracy Takes Paris (1999)
Studio:  Classic X
Added on:  Jan 16th, 2014

1.3 stars (from 3 customers)
Starring:   Alexa Parks, Amber Lynn, Angel Kelly, Eric Edwards, Francois Papillon, Peter North, Scott Irish, Tracey Adams, Viper

Movie Synopsis:  Sexy Amber Lynn can't keep it up (the profit margin. that is) at her very exclusive travel agency, Romantic Rendezvous Inc. She enlists the expert help of her agents. Since ... read more
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Voodoo Lust: The Possession from LBOVoodoo Lust: The Possession (1994)
Studio:  LBO
Added on:  Aug 9th, 2013

2.4 stars (from 15 customers)
3 written reviews
Starring:   Jon Martin, Kassi Nova, Lynn LeMay, Marc Wallice, Nina De Ponca, Peter North, Porsche Lynn, Rachel Ryan, Ray Victoryand more...

Movie Synopsis:  Dr. Roberts, a professor of anthropology, lusts after his beautiful student, Meg. Using his knowledge of Voodoo that he acquired while studying in Haiti, he attempts to bring  ... read more
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Wizzard Of Odds, The #2 from Totally Tasteless VideoWizzard Of Odds, The #2 (2005)
Studio:  Totally Tasteless Video
Added on:  Jan 23rd, 2007

1.3 stars (from 3 customers)
Starring:   Bridget the Midget, Dianna Roth, Rose Agree, Serena, Sierra, Taylor, Viper

Movie Synopsis:  The wizzard will control all that you see.
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