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35 & Up #2 from Bacchus35 & Up #2 (2005)
Studio:  Bacchus
Added on:  Aug 14th, 2007

2.8 stars (from 7 customers)
Starring:   Arial Santos, Aron Saks, Deacon Frost, Kyle Richards, Lex Kyler, Paul Carrigan, Scott Mann, Tom Moore

Movie Synopsis:  If you don't believe everything gets better with age, including sex, take a look at this!
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Blow Me Please! #1 from BacchusBlow Me Please! #1 (2010)
Studio:  Bacchus
Added on:  Oct 26th, 2010

3.0 stars (from 2 customers)
Starring:   Aron Saks, Buck Bronco, Chance Taylor, Marco Pole, Mark Hudson, Mark Van Der Velt, Marshall O'Boy, Ryan Matthewsand more...

Movie Synopsis:  Nothing says I really like you like a good blowjob, and I can't stop staring at your pretty, sweet, wet mouth. I was wondering... could you Blow Me Please?
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Daddy's Buddies from BacchusDaddy's Buddies (2002)
Studio:  Bacchus
Added on:  May 11th, 2007

2.0 stars (from 1 customer)
1 written review
Starring:   Ariel Santos, Aron Saks, Dirk Adams, Dominic Sinclair, Kyle Richards, Michael Sage, Mondo Moore, Paul Carrigan

Movie Synopsis:  Like father, like son...
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DILTF #3 from BacchusDILTF #3 (2004)
Studio:  Bacchus
Added on:  Jan 11th, 2007

1.0 star (from 2 customers)
Starring:   Aron Saks, Colby Kincaide, Daniel James, Dirk Adams, Jamie Blade, Justin Greek, Marc Kolls, Michael Sage, Paul Carriganand more...

Movie Synopsis:  These daddies are hot, and everybody wants a piece of them. It's time for hard, nasty sex. These are the daddies we'd all like to fuck.
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DILTF #4 from BacchusDILTF #4 (2005)
Studio:  Bacchus
Added on:  Mar 16th, 2007

2.5 stars (from 2 customers)
Starring:   Allen Mathews, Antonio York, Aron Saks, Blake Andrews, Brandon James, Claudio Black, Danny Lopez, Joey Dean, Paul Carriganand more...

Movie Synopsis:  "Dads I'd Like To Fuck"
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Macho Darlings #2 from BacchusMacho Darlings #2 (2006)
Studio:  Bacchus
Added on:  Nov 21st, 2006

1.0 star (from 1 customer)
Starring:   Aron Saks, Billy Houston, Bob A Gee, Chaz Carlton, Danny Chance, Jason Ward, Marshall O'Boy, Paul Carrigan, Rick Brookand more...

Movie Synopsis:  We invite you to come along and join our slamming cast in this all out man to man sex romp, that will leave you breathless and wanting more!
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Men & Their Twinks #3 from BacchusMen & Their Twinks #3 (2006)
Studio:  Bacchus
Added on:  Nov 30th, 2006

1.0 star (from 1 customer)
Starring:   Andreas, Antonio York, Aron Saks, Celeb Stone, Clay Rider, Cruzito, Marshall O'Boy, Michael Sage, Rico Suave, Scott Mann

Movie Synopsis:  Every man needs his very own twinkie boy, to love and to play with!
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My Sugar Daddy #3 from BacchusMy Sugar Daddy #3 (2005)
Studio:  Bacchus
Added on:  Nov 20th, 2006

1.0 star (from 1 customer)
Starring:   Aron Saks, Austin Black, Dirk Adams, Duncan Mills, Kyle Richards, Mark Cirriano, Patrick Ives, Paul Carriganand more...

Movie Synopsis:  You say you want to be my sugar daddy, then get out your wallet cause if you wanna play, you have to pay!
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Older Men Love Cock #1 from BacchusOlder Men Love Cock #1 (2007)
Studio:  Bacchus
Added on:  Jul 3rd, 2007

1.3 stars (from 3 customers)
Starring:   Aron Saks, Chance Taylor, Ethan, Jared Scott, John Duran, Johnny Morelli, Marshall O'Boy, Paul Carrington, Roman Anthonyand more...

Movie Synopsis:  Older Men Love Cock, and why shouldn't they? Just because a guy is a little older doesn't mean he can't deliver super hot sex! Get with the program! Older men are hot!
RentUnlimited Rentals!Buy$17.95PPM7¢/minStream$4.95DOWNLOAD$14.50

Paul Carrigan Big & Beautiful from BacchusPaul Carrigan Big & Beautiful (2008)
Studio:  Bacchus
Added on:  Aug 5th, 2008

3.5 stars (from 4 customers)
Starring:   Aron Saks, Doug Jeffries, Gino Rottelli, Nick Everwood, Paul Carrigan, Ulizes Carpelli

Movie Synopsis:  Every bit a he-man and every inch a stud! Paul Carrigan is smoking hot and ready for action because when you have a great big man crush, it's all about Paul!
RentUnlimited Rentals!Buy$17.95PPM7¢/minStream$4.95DOWNLOAD$14.50

Switching Daddies from BacchusSwitching Daddies (2004)
Studio:  Bacchus
Added on:  Aug 14th, 2007

Not Yet Rated
Starring:   Aron Saks, Dirk Adams, Ethan Cooper, Logan Reed, Ryan Matthews, Scott Mann, Sven Corvette

Movie Synopsis:  When one daddy is not enough...
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White Cocksuckers #2 from BacchusWhite Cocksuckers #2 (2007)
Studio:  Bacchus
Added on:  Sep 28th, 2007

4.0 stars (from 3 customers)
Starring:   Aron Saks, Chris, Damian, Dennis Hunt, Dominic, Ethan Cooper, Joey, John, Marco Paris, Patrick, Ron, Ryen Matthews , Steveand more...

Movie Synopsis:  They drink every last drop and still beg for more! These White Cocksuckers are hot, super horny, and can't wait to gobble up your sweet, hot load!
RentUnlimited Rentals!Buy$17.95PPM7¢/minStream$4.95DOWNLOAD$14.50