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Big Boob Beach Bangers from Big TopBig Boob Beach Bangers (2002)
Studio:  Big Top
Added on:  Mar 20th, 2005

3.4 stars (from 19 customers)
1 written review
Starring:   Friday, Latia Lopez, Lovette, Zora Banks

Movie Synopsis:  Twosomes, threesomes, lesbo action and more, make this primo Skye Blue production a definite hardcore winner.
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Big Boob Fantasy Girls from Totally Tasteless VideoBig Boob Fantasy Girls (2009)
Studio:  Totally Tasteless Video
Added on:  Apr 15th, 2009

3.5 stars (from 2 customers)
Starring:   Bailey O'Dare, Kayla, Latia Lopez, Tameka

Movie Synopsis:  It's a rack attack as these mega mammary ladies show just how hot and sexy a gal with great big tits can be!
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Big Boob Lesbian Cops #2 from FilmCoBig Boob Lesbian Cops #2 (2003)
Studio:  FilmCo
Added on:  Dec 21st, 2006

2.4 stars (from 16 customers)
1 written review
Starring:   Ashley Evans, Devon Michaels, Egypt, Latia Lopez, Misty Mendez, Pamela Peaks, Rebecca Bardoux, Taylor St. Claire

Movie Synopsis:  These beautiful, Big Boob Lesbian Cops not only strip search, cavity search, and violate these big-titted inmates, but they also get to play with all the toys in the property room!
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Big Tit Squad from FilmCoBig Tit Squad (2002)
Studio:  FilmCo
Added on:  Jan 8th, 2007

2.2 stars (from 9 customers)
Starring:   Bree Brooks, Kiki D'Aire, Latia Lopez, Ruby

Movie Synopsis:  Two, four, six, eight-- suck our big tits and dont you wait.
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Big Tit Threesomes #2 from Big TopBig Tit Threesomes #2 (2006)
Studio:  Big Top
Added on:  Jun 25th, 2007

2.4 stars (from 9 customers)
1 written review
Starring:   Angel Cummings, Candy Roxxx, Donita, Latia Lopez, Lovett, Sana Fey, Zora Banks

Movie Synopsis:  Part of having sex is expanding your mind to enjoy all aspects, within reason of course. To try new things and not to be stuck with the same old, same old. Since any ... read more
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Butt A Face Babes #1 from Totally Tasteless VideoButt A Face Babes #1 (2003)
Studio:  Totally Tasteless Video
Added on:  Aug 13th, 2007

2.3 stars (from 6 customers)
2 written reviews
Starring:   Latia Lopez, Pamela Peaks, Teddi Barrett, Xandria

Movie Synopsis:  Grab your paper bags and get ready to fuck some hot-bodied, ugly whores!
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Favorite Blowjobs #45 from FilmCoFavorite Blowjobs #45 (2002)
Studio:  FilmCo
Added on:  Jul 16th, 2007

3.0 stars (from 7 customers)
Starring:   Aimee Tyler, Alex Sanders, Andrew, Angel, Anna, Anne Howe, Ashley, Ashley Wood, Aussie Thunder, Ava Devine, Blake Palmerand more...

Movie Synopsis:  It's an all-out, super sucking, lip-smacking good time!
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Fuck My Big Black Tits from Big TopFuck My Big Black Tits (2003)
Studio:  Big Top
Added on:  Mar 23rd, 2005

2.8 stars (from 16 customers)
3 written reviews
Starring:   Kitten, Latia Lopez, Vanessa Blue

Movie Synopsis:  Interracial harcore action with three black beauties with big tits.
RentUnlimited Rentals!Buy$18.95PPM7¢/minStream$4.95DOWNLOAD$19.95

Impulsive... Sex Acts from FusxionImpulsive... Sex Acts (2008)
Studio:  Fusxion
Added on:  Dec 23rd, 2008

2.4 stars (from 5 customers)
Starring:   Alexis Texas, Guy DiSilva, Harley Raine, Kat Kleevage, Kylee Reese, Latia Lopez, Mr. Pete, Rick Masters, Steamin' Scottyand more...

Movie Synopsis:  N/A
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Lesbian Big Boob Bangeroo #8 from Totally Tasteless VideoLesbian Big Boob Bangeroo #8 (2006)
Studio:  Totally Tasteless Video
Added on:  Jul 15th, 2009

2.0 stars (from 1 customer)
Starring:   Amber, Donna Doll, Jessica Lynn, Latia Lopez, Priscilla Jane, Ryder, Sharon, Taylor St. Claire

Movie Synopsis:  These babes love to eat at the Y!
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Lesbian Hooter Party from HeatwaveLesbian Hooter Party (2002)
Studio:  Heatwave
Added on:  Apr 8th, 2005

1.8 stars (from 5 customers)
Starring:   Alexandra Quinn, Brittney Skye, Brooke Hunter, Kat Kleevage, Kianna, Latia Lopez

Movie Synopsis:  Shelby is the newest stripper at the hooter hut and is about to get the initiation of her life.
RentUnlimited Rentals!Buy$10.95PPM7¢/minStream$4.95DOWNLOAD$19.95

My Wife's 1st Monster Cock Blowjob from West CoastMy Wife's 1st Monster Cock Blowjob (2010)
Studio:  West Coast
Added on:  Jul 1st, 2010

3.2 stars (from 5 customers)
Starring:   Aliyah Likit, Austin O'Riley, Christina White, Cindy Lush, Donna, Gail Westyles, Gemini, Gina, Iris, Justine, Kendra Lynnand more...

Movie Synopsis:  Four hours!
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Red-Hot Cho Chos #2 from Sticky VideoRed-Hot Cho Chos #2 (2003)
Studio:  Sticky Video
Added on:  Jan 27th, 2009

3.5 stars (from 4 customers)
Starring:   Darren James, Fontana, Ice, Kat Kleevage, Latia Lopez, Mia Domore, Nikki Santana, Sergio

Movie Synopsis:  N/A
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Supersize Tits #5 from Totally Tasteless VideoSupersize Tits #5 (2004)
Studio:  Totally Tasteless Video
Added on:  Jan 5th, 2007

1.3 stars (from 3 customers)
1 written review
Starring:   Donita, Latia Lopez, Lisa, Rebecca Love, Samantha Silver

Movie Synopsis:  Her titties are huge, gargantuan and mountainous! These over-endowed gals want your lovin' bad. Supersize me!
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Supersize Tits #8 from Totally Tasteless VideoSupersize Tits #8 (2006)
Studio:  Totally Tasteless Video
Added on:  Nov 21st, 2006

2.4 stars (from 9 customers)
1 written review
Starring:   Chantz Fortune, Friday, Latia Lopez, Timber, XXXena

Movie Synopsis:  Hooters, honkers, jugs, passion pillows, sweater puppets, any way you call it--she's got big boobs!
RentUnlimited Rentals!Buy$9.95PPMunavailableStreamunavailableDOWNLOADunavailable

Titty Mania #8 from HeatwaveTitty Mania #8 (2002)
Studio:  Heatwave
Added on:  Apr 30th, 2005

2.6 stars (from 3 customers)
Starring:   Anthony Hardwood, Baby, Johnny Thrust, Kat Kleevage, Latia Lopez, Mark Cummings, Rick Masters, Sondra Hall

Movie Synopsis:  Only the biggest of the biggest are allowed in our studios. So get set to ravage 8 gorgeous melons on this triumphant 8th volume. Enjoy!!!
RentUnlimited Rentals!Buy$10.95PPM7¢/minStream$4.95DOWNLOAD$19.95

Titty Mania #9 from HeatwaveTitty Mania #9 (2002)
Studio:  Heatwave
Added on:  May 2nd, 2005

2.6 stars (from 6 customers)
1 written review
Starring:   Chantz Fortune, Kat Kleevage, Kianna, Kiki D'Aire, Latia Lopez, Ruby, Shelbee Myne

Movie Synopsis:  Who says all lesbians have to be butch bull dykes and flat chested folk singers? These lesbians are packing tits so big you'll be salivating to turn them straight.
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Watch Me Squirt #4 from Totally Tasteless VideoWatch Me Squirt #4 (2008)
Studio:  Totally Tasteless Video
Added on:  Nov 25th, 2008

2.8 stars (from 5 customers)
Starring:   Daejha Milan, Heidi Sin, Latia Lopez, Shannon Kelly

Movie Synopsis:  I want to put on a show just for you! My pussy squirts like a garden hose and it turns me on when you Watch Me Squirt!
RentUnlimited Rentals!Buy$15.95PPM7¢/minStream$4.95DOWNLOAD$14.50