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All Reviews by Zygote12
 from Smokin' #3
Studio: Kick Ass


Depending on your fetish of course. For me, I rented this video for the main reason that it will satisfy my fetish of women smoking and I was not disappointed. If you are into the same thing, you will enjoy this movie as much as I did!! Well Done! As I see it -Zygote12

 from Firm Hand Will Spank
Studio: Metro

Not worth it

I can't give zero stars so had to give one. This was brutal. It's these films that really set me off. There was SO MUCH more that could have been done. Boring is an understatement! Leave this one behind (no pun intended) As I See It - Zygote12

 from Wrestling Fetish Lesbians #2
Studio: Bizarre Video

Fetish? Where?

Had to be woken up TWICE in this movie by my girl. This was HORRIBLE!!!!! If one considers ladies, MOSTLY CLOTHED, a fetish, I need to sit with that person for an hour or two and have a serious talk with them! Wow! This was SOOOOOO Bad!!! Borderline worthless! As I see it - Zygote12

 from Tushy Girls Slumber Party, The
Studio: Seymore Butts

Not bad

It was a good film, however, there were guys talking in the background. I loathe that! Just shut the hell up and film! The girls were hot and the production values were top notch. I would recommend it. As I see it - Zygote12

 from Ultra Flesh
Studio: VCX


This is one of the best of the best! Seka, Serena, Jamie and the lot. The cinematography is spot on and the actors out did themselves in this production! Best of the best!!!

 from Strict Ass White Girl
Studio: Gentlemen's


This is a great movie. Has everything I want in a film, with one exception. It was only one scene. They could have made it a little longer. However, the story was great and there was a mix of everything. Lezdom, Femdom, spanking, etc. I am going to look through the rest of the production company's vids to see what else they make. As I see it - Zygote12

 from Supreme Catfighters #1 / Battlin' Beauties
Studio: Gentlemen's


The fast forward button couldn't go fast enough!!!! BAD BAD BAD!!! As I See It - Zygote12

 from Fetish Desire #2
Studio: Black Widow


This is clearly one of my favorites! I really can't say anything bad about this film. The scenes were intense and well directed. I would clearly recommend this one! As I See It - Zygote12

 from Squeel Like A Pig!
Studio: Notorious

Very good

Albeit not very long, this movie MUST rank up at the top! The originality on this movie ranks second to none! Every scene has something exciting on it. The actors we spot on in their performance. If you have not added this to you queue, I would highly recommend it! As I see it Zygote12

 from World Of Perversions #1
Studio: Starr

No so perverted

It started out ok. Had some promise. Then it went straight downhill. The scenes were too long and not really thought out. There were a lot of missed opportunities in this video. Once again, the director lost focus in this video and did not take the time to exploit the situation or to do the proper editing. This could have been a contender, but alas falls short. As I see it - Zygote12

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