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All Reviews by Sultanofsaddism
 from Unleashed #6
Studio: New Sensations

Decent With A Few Oddities

Hot girls. Good video quality. Some of them are good moaners and the angles catch what I'm looking for. That's not what I remember about this video though. I remember the akward minute this one bald guy spends wanking it while his hosts sits there and almost falls asleep so he can pop a sad spooge shot across her stern. I think it's killer they kept it. I mean I would have put in a stunt cock. They kept it real. In the pop shot mode, the girls tag teaming the next guy almost make you want to gag watching them. If you're into hot young girls testing the limits of your own gag reflexes, don't miss that one.

 from Big Wet Asses #3
Studio: Elegant Angel

Ok For Normal People

This video series is good about editing and they get hot girls. This particular disc isn't as good as the ones I enjoy. I recommend #13 and #14 from what I've seen so far. Note I still give them 4 stars, because it is compared to most stuff out here.

 from Hot Sauce #2
Studio: Diabolic


I think Jenevive is a sweet peice of ass. It's too bad she can't act like a moaning whore. That's all you really think about when you see her, is if you can't be the one, hoping someone is putting the fuck stick to her baloney drapes. Sadly her acting just reminds me of the stripper who's more interested in finishing her cigarette and going out to blow the money she just bilked the retirees out of on the second day of a given month. She's not interested in it. She doesn't want to pretend...just oh oh ah ahh, uh huh. It's the same thing I've seen with her in 4 movies now, I give. Maybe someone could stretch her ass out and get a convincing performance. Until then, I don't really want to watch another of her scenes. (If you're really a fan, my fav scene of hers is SINFULLY SEXY. Actually all the scenes but one in that video are pretty thick on...plot. The last girl in this video puts on a good show, not particularly pretty, but atleast she came to get down. I give it 2 stars because the video quality was decent. Just not much to watch.

 from Big Wet Asses #10
Studio: Elegant Angel

Doesn't Hold Up To Other Bwas

Still a great setup. These girls seem like they really have fun on this set. Somehow this disc misses the target though. These are hot hot girls, but maybe the make-up crew...I dunno, but it's not smokin' hot like BWA #13. That thing is a how to for this line of fuck flicks. Still it's better than most. You could do worse.

 from Analtown USA #5
Studio: LBO

Anal Town Is A Flat Turd

The disc is 60% ads for other services. The ONE good scene is Max donkey dorking Davia Ardell in the back of an SUV. This scene was the 2nd best scene on the original disc which was circa 1995. She has to be the only reason you would rent this. Get that disc instead, at least it has 2 other good scenes. Max Does the Stars" in case you were wondering. I would give that one 3 stars. This one received two because I love Davia's big o' titties and her pussy is so fat and bouncy when she gets her round butt bumper siphoned.

 from Babysitters
Studio: Digital Playground

Well Burp My Nephew

All hot, good camera work, nice smut...pig tails...good job. You could do a lot worse, well worth a look if you like hot girls with big knockers.

 from Massive Asses #2
Studio: Elegant Angel

headline talent, thoughtless direction

This movie had all the names that get the usual lovers of fine ass scurrying for the DVD remote. The menu page wasn't helpful. As I manually worked my way through the disc I discovered there was nothing for it to help me to. It didn't make use of the special talents most of these porn starlettes possess. picture quality wasn't up to par with the modern equipment. You'd do better to spin the wheel and try something else with these ladies in it.

 from Un-Natural Sex #22
Studio: Diabolic

It Missed It's Mark

This movie just didn't deliver what I was expecting. I felt like they were promising a robust facial that would leave these beautiful girls looking like white beard, but instead blew nut on their shoulder. The scene cut as one whole chapter, keeping the watcher from skipping from tease, to knob gobble, etc. The PLOT repeated exactly in each girl's performance. It wasn't very hot, and the editing buried it for me.

 from Big Wet Asses #13
Studio: Elegant Angel

Ok For Normal People

Compared to most videos I rent this one stacks up just fine. It doesn't hold up to others from the BWA line however. The talent is hot enough. They put energy into it. I think it's just missing energy. They show up and do the deed, but they aren't having a fun time doing it I'm guessing. Also would it be so hard for someone to rent a donkey? Just put him in the corner, see what happens. Chances are if he doesn't get into it, I won't either.

 from Asian Booty Worship
Studio: Elegant Angel

Not Impressive, Waste of Star Power

This movie has Lucy Lee, Nautica Thorn and Mika Tan...but it has the same lame setup with each pornstress. Uninspiring. The girls moan like a child is irritating a cat.

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