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All Reviews by Sid
 from Devil in Miss Jones #2
Studio: VCA

I don't know what movie you guys were lookin at

I love this movie. I thought it was funny, yeah maybe a bit hokey but we're not talking Schindler's List here. Jacqueline Lorians is hot and enthusiastic. When Joanna Storm was in the shower and giving those come hither looks that was enough to steam up the shower. I only wished we saw more of Anna Ventura.

 from Handjobs Across America #2
Studio: Homegrown SELECT


A step above clinical with a couple of exceptions. Serena. I want to fuck her badly. She was really into it. I like how she took the guys hand and put on her pussy. When he came she said it was "beautiful" I only wished she'd put it in her mouth. The last chick whose name I FF over was surprisingly hot and I don't like goth, nipple pierced girls. When she was rubbing his cock with her panty clad pussy it made my dick itch (and I mean that in a good way). Again, a good pop but I wished she laid her mouth on his peter. Two stars may be a tich high but there are some moments.

 from Handjobs Across America #9
Studio: Homegrown SELECT

Two Stars

I do enjoy this series. Though some of these girls are faux amateurs the premise works for me. There was a little sucking going on and that's always a good thing for me. The due with the glasses and big dick did what I believe all men should do when they get a good nutt: give that gal a kiss. Not 3 stars but worth a peek.

 from Handjobs Across America #4
Studio: Homegrown SELECT

So So Girls/Good Technique

I wish Layla was filmed better. I especially liked Linda. She looked like she thoroughly enjoyed what she was doing and I loved how she used her mouth. Props also to Neveah and Molina.

 from Homegrown Video #644
Studio: Homegrown Video

Not bad

For the most part I liked this tape. Good couple fare. The first 3 scenes I felt were the best. Pamela and Ricky was okay. Pamela's body was smoking. Just on the money shot I felt the camera could have lingered longer. My absolute favorite was Madeline and Michael. Michael's a lucky bastard. I'm in love with Madeline and want to marry her...well, maybe for an hour or so. No penetration but this was a girl who worshiped his cock. Very cute girl but not intimidatingly so. Great body. There's not a hole on this chick I would not lick. Not only did she suck him dry she licked cum off her hands and looked for more. Oh yeah, I'll be coming back just to look at her.

 from Homegrown Video #643
Studio: Homegrown Video

Okay, it's not horrible

Not quite 3 stars. But I want to give special mention to the sistah. Though she's not made up she has a nice body. Nice looking natural boobs. But most importantly, she gives great head. I prefer that girls suck a guy dry but she seems great fun. I could easily come back and look at her.

 from Handjobs Across America #10
Studio: Homegrown SELECT

Fun tape

I admit as much as I like handjob videos I especially like it when the girl puts the dick in her mouth. The first two girls do this. Also, the other girls give great hand jobs and seem to like it. Recommended.

 from Homegrown Video #661
Studio: Homegrown Video

Not bad

Not bad. Not quite 3 stars but worth a peek. There's a blonde in a threesome that's a freak. And the tan MILFish honey blonde was great. Dancer's body. Enthusiastic. I wanted to be next.

 from Handjobs Across America #12
Studio: Homegrown SELECT

Chick in the Pool

I like sucking with my handjobs and this one fills the bill. The chick in the pool alone is worth the money of the tape. Later, there is a skinny blonde on a couch. Her writhing on the couch gave me a boner. And she sucks well. Good tape. Recommended.

 from Handjobs Across America #13
Studio: Homegrown SELECT

One Ofthe Best I've Seen

In a word: great. I liked all the oral and the sex was nice. Boner city. You could tell some of the girls were really into it. I prefer busty girls but the last 2 were hot!

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