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All Reviews by Sdgocouple
 from Playgirl: Burning Lust
Studio: Playgirl

This one was okay. My wife enjoyed it, though the voice-overs were a waste. There was a good balance between things that appeal to both men and women, but I think the guys could have done a bit more work in the oral department. I have to disagree with a previous wife likes good blow job scenes. The scenes in this movie were pretty good...not as much spitting as in a lot of movies. (Honestly, I wish film makers would tell their actresses to cut back on the saliva's just gross.) Anyway, all in all, this was an okay movie...about what you'd expect from a Playgirl film.

 from Bisexual Awakenings
Studio: Heatwave

Okay Action...Silly Storyline...Disinterested Performers

my wife and i enjoy watching movies together from time to time and we prefer to go with something that's different from "vanilla" sex. we like this category because it usually has more interesting things going on. in terms of variety, "bisexual awakenings" does have something to offer. it has both the guy-on-guy and guy-on-girl action you would expect, and also offers up a strap-on session in the final scene. the actors are reasonably attractive, but certainly not up to vivid or similar standards. the scenes weren't bad, but we didn't get the impression that the actors were really all that interested. the set-up for most of the scenes involved gay guys discovering sex with a woman. it looked to us like they just couldn't get their bodies all that excited about the encounter, regardless of what the "script" called for. overall, though, the movie was okay. my wife and i had fun laughing at the dialogue, and we both got turned on, so we give it an average rating. it's not the worst example i've seen in this genre, but i'd sure like to find better options out there in the bisexual category...something where the actors look great and behave like they all really do want to have sex with each other.

 from Eden (Disc 1)
Studio: Adam & Eve

My wife and I enjoyed this one. It's a "standard" guy-girl/guy-girl-girl/girl-girl flick with good looking actors who at least seem to enjoy what they're doing. The plot was stereotypically silly, but not intrusively so...even though the attempt at a "twist" at the end was weak and made zero sense. On the biggest plus side, this film was shot in Hawaii and the scenery is gorgeous, so if you like outdoor scenes, this movie is for you.

 from Coming Out: A Bi-Sexual Tale
Studio: Brahma

Too Much Anger!

As bisexual films go, this was pretty good. I wanted to rate it higher, because most of the actors at least seem to enjoy having sex with each other. (There are way to many bi films where it's obvious that a gay or straight guy is "filling in" and isn't having a great time with his assigned partner.) The reason I can't give a higher rating is that there's too much anger, degradation, and spitting in this one. Why can't film-makers do more films where people just enjoy having sex? Why do guys in bisexual films have to curse and degrade each other? It's a major turn off. If some guys like that, great, but there needs to be both a warning and an alternative. At least they were having fun....

 from MST: Advanced Therapy
Studio: Chick Media

Adequate, But Nothing Special

I'm not quite sure what's so "advanced" about the scenes in this film. The setup for each scene was weak and pretty much superfluous. The advice from the "therapist" is hardly worth the paper the dialogue may or may not have been written on. That said, the actors were attractive and the scenes were good, if pretty cliche. This is a nice, tame film for couples, especially if one of you is trying to get comfortable with watching porn together. I'd still recommend fast forwarding through the "therapist call in" and get right to the action.