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All Reviews by Instructo
 from POV Pervert #2
Studio: Jules Jordan Video

ho hum

Good camera work; better than average bods but just the one guy and much the same scenario for each scene - talk, strip,get screwed; talk, strip, get screwed, ad nauseam. Not much imagination in most of these porn flicks.

 from Sensual Exposure
Studio: Studio A

arty porn

Weak plot but very well done. Photography excellent, location very elegant, good looking people - what more could you want? The on-the-lawn sex scene is especially good. Dumb plot keeps it a four as far as I'm concerned.

 from Santeria
Studio: Video Team

Not Bad

A lot too much talking but the sex (male bondage teasing oriented) is not bad. The first teasing is probably the best (if you don't mind tats). One very scroungy male babbles away from time to time. He could have been left out. I generously gave it three stars but 2 1/2 is probably closer.

 from Biggz and the Beauties #12
Studio: Digital Sin

Lots Of Tats

Big dick meets (or meats) some girls able to take the thing in various places. Not 'newbys' but reasonably sexy girls. Good clear picture quality and a little variety in the sex - but not a lot.

 from Slave Dolls #1
Studio: Elegant Angel

half good, half sloppy

First part is rough but sexy; second part is full sweat, fluids and a lot of licking, sucking, fucking and tangled up bodies. Not my favorite stuff but some people will probably like it.

 from Hot English Punishment
Studio: Bizarre Video


For this old (and I mean old) flic there should be a "0". Don't waste your time with this one.

 from Nasty Habits
Studio: Bizarre Video

A Few Good Minutes - Then Zip!

This is a very old Bizarre Vid. that should have been tossed. One OK scene early with a good deal of exposure of a pretty nice rear and other items of interest but then it goes down hill fast. Don't waste your money. If there was a half star I'd give it to this flic.

 from Black In The Crack #2
Studio: Black Ice

Same Old Stuff(Ing)

Routine anal porn. Only gets two stars because of the visual quality of the dvd. Bend over - stick in - O.K., next!

 from Getting Off
Studio: VCX

Old Stuff - Really Old!

One star may be too much - maybe half a star is enough. This flick is from the early days of modern porn - lots of bad acting and lots of furry crotches! The small bit of BDSM is laughable and pretty much fakey; the lighting is mostly bad; etc., etc. Skip this one unless you're a porn historian!

 from Amateur Fetish #1: Spanking Couples
Studio: Bizarre Video


This so-called "spanking" film gets only two because even though the ladies are attractive and well exposed, the "spanking" is a joke. "Spanking Couples" should be called "Pitty-Patting Couples".

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