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All Reviews by Charlie
 from 18 And Nasty #23
Studio: T.T.B. Productions

I liked it!

I found this to definitely be one of the better rentals! The girls are convincing as young horny gals ready for nearly anything. Don't look for a plot - this is strictly a sex video. The only negative to this video (and most of its type) is that they waste too much time having the gal finger herself before getting down to business. I like having the girls tell a little about themselves before things get hot, though. I wish they did a little more of that. I also liked the up-skirt peak (no panties) in one outside scene. But, the real action is hot and pure sex inside!

 from Just Over Eighteen #2
Studio: Red Light District

This one is worth it!

In the first scene the girl is really vocal in her enthusiasm! Acting or not, it was convincing. The girls are good to look at and the guys aren't total jerks. My wife and I enjoyed it.

 from Innocent Young Sluts
Studio: Temptation

Innocent Young Sluts

This film is amateurish - in the worst way. Not like real armatures, more like armatures trying to be pro's. The cinematography is poor - frequently the actors are poorly framed. Some of the sequences give the impression they were captured on a home camcorder with dirty heads - streaks that don't normally show up on DVD's. The girls run a bit heavy, but not outrageously so. They are not shown in the best poses - double chinned blowjobs are not a turn-on. The acting is non-existent. In fact in one sequence the actors are talking, but all you can hear is the music

 from Desperately Seeking Shay
Studio: Dreamland

Like old time Porn!

This is a movie with some interesting good points, but falls short of being a good flick. The premise is entertaining and funny - a pair of Dragnet knock-offs working as hit men looking for Shay. I was reminded of porn from the 70's - silly but funny at times with occasional hot sex. But, the failing of this film is that it's sort of short and has only one hot scene - the rest are just one step above simulated sex (remember those bad old days of simulated sex?). Not a waste of time, and good for some chuckles. But definitely weak on the sex scenes.

 from Naked Pictures
Studio: Sin City

Pretty good couples movie!

My wife and I both enjoyed this movie. The premise of the girl moving step by step into a porno actress interspaced with clips of other sex scenes holds the scenes together and gives it interest. The sex is pretty hot and the measured pace of some of the scenes builds up the sexual tension. Sometimes it feels a little low budget, but it's worth seeing!

 from Trained Teens #2
Studio: Jules Jordan Video

Not for everyone

This wasn't quite what I was expecting. It features young women and fetish sex. It might be great for some, but it was a turn-off for me. I don't like seeing women being abused - even if they are paid for it. Not a couples film!

 from Enjoy #2
Studio: Sineplex

A guilty pleasure

this was in some ways "a guilty pleasure". the gals were attractive and the action was pretty good. the only negative was that at times it seemed to cross the border on being abusive to the gals - and i don't like that! still, it was pretty good, but not a couples film.

 from Two In The Seat #3
Studio: Red Light District

Great DP movie!

This is one of the best DP videos I've seen. If you're in the mood to see that kind of action, take this one home.

 from Who's Your Daddy? #2
Studio: Zero Tolerance

Not too Bad

i was intrigued by the premise of having the girls call the guys "daddy". in the end, i'm not sure that did anything for me personally. but the sex was good and the gals were attractive - what more can you expect. good, but not the very best - a solid "3 star" video.

 from One On One #1
Studio: Red Light District

I liked it!

I definitely enjoyed this one! The girls are good looking and reasonably young. I particularly enjoyed the scene in the beginning where the gal took a load of cum in the mouth and then swallowed - no spitting or gagging. It has lots of other themes too - oral on the gals, straight sex, and some anal scenes.

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