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All Reviews by Alwaysreal
 from All Dat Azz #26
Studio: West Coast


The chics are decent Guys but lets talk about Bonbon!This chic is the last girl featured but should have been the first. Asses like this is why we leave our wives! She will break you fellas so make sure you get that personal trainer, cause you'll need it no matter what your size!That's Real!

 from Black Cravings #14
Studio: West Coast

Strickly Sandra!

Sandra is an animal and her performance was legendary. She desrtoyed a good amount of dudes man!Sandra is Nasty!She will not stop until you are dranined.If your girl cathches you with this chic; So What!It was worth it!***** For Sandra!Pinkys' got competition!

 from Black Brazilian Booty #1
Studio: Black Ice

Thays And Natasha

thays and natasha are defenitely the stars in this film. natasha can show these chics what the true meaning of "lip service" is.thays is so fine and intense.i would have to leave my wife for this broad! see you in brazil fellas!

 from Big Bubble Butt Anal Sluts #1
Studio: Bubble Butt Inc.

Come On Man!

Three hott bitches and three of the worst performances. These broads have to be nasty because that's who they are! We all know about Olivia, Naomi,and Katja, that's why you rent this flick.This film was straight trash for freaks on this level.It's like wathching Vanessa Del Rio with no blow job or doggy scenes.

 from Jelly #15
Studio: Kick Ass

Katrina !

katrina's blow job is fucken strong! she will have nut extra hard! she may not be the most attrative but with an ass like hers and that damn "lip service" hey what more can you ask four!

 from Phat Azz Brazilian Orgy #2
Studio: Black Ice

Garden Of Eden!

Scene one is exposive! It is so time for me to take that pilgrimage to Brazil.Beautiful women who fuck to no end. My girl Thias did'nt give her best in this one but to see that BIGG ASS,THIGHS,and CALFS you can help to enjoy wathching her.You got to be on top of you weight training for her. A pure Fiesta for you and the boys!

 from Big Ass Anal Heaven #6
Studio: West Coast

Not As Good As It Looks!

love thays and natasha to death! natasha could have been much better.her "lip service" nowhere near as good as in "brazilian booty". my wife thays seems like she's picked up a pound or two but still nasty ofcourse.she just wore to much make up and did'nt look as attrative as in "brazilian booty". she did give up some good "doggy" at least.

 from Black Cock In Bangkok
Studio: Black Ice


This film was Bullshit. The first scene was ok but so what! The broads were nothing to write to America about.Jay was good but not impressive. You can these types of chics in Chinatown mannhattan. If your going all the way to Thailand show me something exotic. Like i said before see u in Brazil fellas!

 from Big Bubble Butt Latin Sluts #2
Studio: Evasive Angles

Anelle And Shelia!

This is a good all Ass film! Anelle is my bitch in this one. Her seen is good but not impressive.Shelia obviously had some implants but her Ass was good and so was her seen.She looks likes someones mom! What the hell, i'd still fuck her continuiously anyway!Good movie for the collecton.

 from Big Butt All Stars: Victoria Allure (Disc 1)
Studio: Evasive Angles

Not Impressed!

Victoria got ass i will give her that.Unless you are a Victoria fan, volume 1 or 2 is not worth your rental.She is a lozy lay for sure.Victoria lan is whats up!

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